About Us

FiberCorr Mills

We operate with integrity at the forefront of our corporate mindset, and found successful operations and personal relations on a culture of integrity and effort. Our understanding of the paper production industry spans more than five decades, as we remain continually dedicated to the conversion of raw mediums into optimal paper products. Industry-leading milling machinery, authorized by certified technicians around the clock, together comprises an encouraging blueprint for employee and customer satisfaction alike.

FiberCorr practices expedient paper production, equal parts service and precision. In employing reusable materials, we reduce our environmental impact while maximizing the potential of the papermaking process, to the satisfaction of long-time clientele and international sustainability efforts alike.


A 17-acre tract of undeveloped Massillon land in 1967 was within two years an operational paper mill, a testament to the fast-paced mentality that would soon define the lasting FiberCorr way. Production of strut tubes commenced with five machines in 1968. From 1968 to 1970, 20 additional tube machines were added and production evolved to accommodate 24-hour operations. In 1972, FiberCorr Mills purchased an idle surplus paper machine from West Virginia Pulp and Paper (West Vaco) that was located in Tyrone, PA. The machine was dismantled and moved, some 200 tons, with only Cleaners Hanger employees and their vehicles. The machine was sandblasted, reworked, reassembled, and restarted in July 1974, and today witnesses to the ingenuity and renewable ethos that drives FiberCorr Mills into a promising future.